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Dreamy Hijab Bouquet

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Looking for a unique hijab bouquet for your loved ones? We have the perfect hijab bouquet for any occasion! Whether it's for an engagement, convert celebration, or a surprise for your mother, mother-in-law, sisters, nieces, or friends, the hijab bouquet is the perfect gift! This dreamy hijab bouquet features a perfect blend of colors, adding a touch of dreaminess to any special moment.

Here are the Premium Jersey scarves used in the following colors: Precious Pink/Mauve/Lavendel. Each hijab bouquet is unique. Therefore, the photo may differ slightly from your beautiful hijab bouquet.

Please note: these hijab bouquets are a customized product and therefore cannot be returned.

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Een hijab boeket samengesteld uit Premium Jersey Hoofddoeken. Het dreamy hijab boeket is samengesteld met drie verschillende kleuren.